Til Death - Hit Restart

Episode 1 - The Long Dark

Welcome to Til Death - Hit Restart, another podcast about gaming on the internet! This one is clearly superior because it features Leif and Susi, a married couple living in the heart of Seattle. 

The gist is this: Leif and Susi play a game for two hours from the beginning (ideally, one they have little to no experience playing) and then get together to chat about said game. In episode 1, we talk for an hour about The Long Dark, a game by Hinterlands. It's $20 on Steam and is still in Early Access, but it's worth it!


Leif is only in one channel for some reason. Susi overestimates how good she is in the cold. Susi gets a little sleepy during this episode and her voice is strangely nasal. 

Also, here is that photo of the cats.

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