Sake Sentai Drinkenger

Episode 18 - Himitsu Sentai Gorenger 51-54


In this episode of Drinkenger, we temporarily say goodbye to Gorenger. There's about 30 episodes left (out of about 80), but they haven't been subbed. So, 54 seems like a good place to move onto the next subbed series, Battle Fever J. It's a shame, because Gorenger is really starting to get good again. Episode 54 says goodbye to several things: Volcano Mask, the original motorcycles, and Oiwa Daita (for a bit). Also, did nobody realize up until now how killer Volcano Mask's legs are? Oh, this is uncomfortable.

This episode is a little longer, and we're a little too sober (Tequila Yellow is actually hungover already). Also, we just moved to using Reaper as editing software, so you'll notice some warbling in the track. It's not you, it's us. We're sorry, baby.

Plus, a thrilling update on Vodka Blue!


Take a drink:

  1. For each time ANYBODY touches the Gorenger Storm/Hurricane.
  2. Any time the yellow ranger, Kirenger, eats for effect (mainly curry).
  3. Any time a non-sentai group of people get straight-up murdered.
  4. Any time a cape flaps in the face.
  5. Any time the scale of an object changes dramatically.
  6. Any time a special effect is achieved by playing the film in reverse.
  7. Any time there is excessive lens flare.
  8. Any time someone rolls down a dirt hill.
  9. Any time the blue ranger, Aorenger, says "Aocherry"/"Archery"/"Bluecherry".
  10. Any time there is a riddle.
  11. Any time a child is kidnapped.
  12. Any time Kirenger compares himself to Mt. Aso.
  13. Any time Peggy says "Are you ready? Here we go!"
  14. Any time someone uses their ranged weapon for melee fighting.
  15. Any time you feel like it.
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