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Episode 14 - Himitsu Sentai Gorenger 37-39

Is a man a scientist just because he wears a lab coat? How floppy can a fork be and still retain its optimal poking qualities? We're getting back to the quality spy content that makes Gorenger so good. We speculate what the Fuhrer looks like, but because we posted these episodes out of order, we already know. Turns out, he's not a Dutch guy at all.


Take a drink:

  1. For each time ANYBODY touches the Gorenger Storm/Hurricane.
  2. Any time the yellow ranger, Kirenger, eats for effect (mainly curry).
  3. Any time a non-sentai group of people get straight-up murdered.
  4. Any time a cape flaps in the face.
  5. Any time the scale of an object changes dramatically.
  6. Any time a special effect is achieved by playing the film in reverse.
  7. Any time there is excessive lens flare.
  8. Any time someone rolls down a dirt hill.
  9. Any time the blue ranger, Aorenger, says "Aocherry"/"Archery"/"Bluecherry".
  10. Any time there is a riddle.
  11. Any time a child is kidnapped.
  12. Any time Kirenger compares himself to Mt. Aso.
  13. Any time Peggy says "Are you ready? Here we go!"
  14. Any time someone uses their ranged weapon for melee fighting.
  15. Any time you feel like it.
How to Get Ladies 101

How to Get Ladies 101



Good intel.

Good intel.

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