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Episode 19 - Battle Fever J 1-3


When you start a new season of Super Sentai after finishing the previous one, you're faced with the classic problem we've dubbed "New friends, not our friends". You know these friends will be your friends by the end of 50ish episodes, but when you first meet them, you compare them to the friends you just left and you're convinced they'll never fill that hole in your heart. 

We're still working on our rules. But as you listen on through Battle Fever J with us, the drinking rules aren't as plentiful as Gorenger, so heavy emphasis on "drink any time you feel like it."

Well friends. Get your swords out. It's time to start jumping!


Take a drink:

  1. Any time there is dancing.
  2. Any time Battle France speaks "French".
  3. Any time there are animal antics.
  4. Any time Miss America and Battle France primp together.
  5. Any time a non-sentai group of people get straight-up murdered.
  6. Any time a scarf flaps in the face.
  7. Any time Miss America has a wedgie.
  8. Any time the scale of an object changes dramatically.
  9. Any time a special effect is achieved by playing the film in reverse.
  10. Any time there is excessive lens flare.
  11. Any time someone rolls down a dirt hill.
  12. Any time a child is kidnapped.
  13. Any time Battle Fever Robo changes weapons.
  14. Any time you feel like it.
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