Sake Sentai Drinkenger

Episode 3 - Himitsu Sentai Gorenger 7-9


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We tried a new mic setup, but it wasn't quite right. A whole new mic is on the way.


Take a drink:

1. Finish your drink any time they do their finishing move with some athletic equipment.
2. Any time the yellow ranger, Kirenger, eats for effect (mainly curry).
3. Any time a non-sentai group of people get straight-up murdered.
4. Any time a stunt actor just biffs it.
5. Any time the scale of an object changes dramatically.
6. Any time a special effect is achieved by playing the film in reverse.
7. Any time there is excessive lens flare.
8. Any time someone rolls down a dirt hill.
9. Any time the blue ranger, Aorenger says "Aocherry"/"Archery"/"Bluecherry".
10. Any time Kirenger (Yellow) doesn't understand a riddle.
11. Any time a child is kidnapped.

Separated at birth?

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